When it comes to design, I am passionate about the details. I have an uncanny mix of being able to handle many details, taking a ton of information, organizing it, and then turning around and providing outstanding design.

Besides running Jam Graphic Design, I have also held positions as an Adjunct Professor at Grand Valley State University, Marketing Director at a large construction company, and Communications Director for Fair Haven Ministries (now Harbor Churches).

Jeanette is a communication specialist and brings professional expertise to everything in which she participates. She understands the importance of clarity, poise, presentation, and preparation in her work and as she interacts with people. She changes her communication to best suit the audience who is listening and checks for understanding as she delivers information.

Not only is Jeanette able to formulate a convincing presentation, she is able to use technology and graphics in ways that amplify learning. She connects with her audience quickly and is able to hold their attention. Her commitment to excellence makes her work consistently high quality.

• Jennifer, OnTrak Consulting

Jeanette is organized, efficient, and extremely competent. As the Communications Director for a multi-site church, she was consistently organized and executed communications for five different congregations with great skill.

Through all my experiences with her, one quality that stands out more than anything is that Jeanette is an equipper, coach, and teacher. She regularly helps people understand the roles she plays and equips others to play similar roles. She often champions her cause and teaches others how to engage in whatever she is a part of.

In summary, I highly recommend Jeanette for any position or endeavor that she may seek to pursue. She will be a valuable asset for any organization.

• Scott, Harbor Churches

Jeanette and I have worked together on various projects over the past year. Jeanette is a true professional in her work ethics, demeanor, and image. I have experienced and appreciate Jeanette’s creative capabilities on the work product she independently delivered or collaborated with me.

In Jeanette’s role, she often was a member of a team. She typically and willingly takes a leading role for project progress through completion. Jeanette is a self-managing individual that will not allow outside constraints from delivering team or personal commitments.

It has been my pleasure to work with Jeanette, individually and in team settings. Her positive attitude and quick mind contribute to a good working environment. She is a very quick learn in areas outside her core expertise. I am confident that Jeanette will be successful in any endeavor she selects.

• Dean, Vice President of Project Development, Construction